i FINALLY got a STAR! yey

@emjay9 (249)
April 23, 2007 7:20am CST
finally i have reached that hundred mark and got my first star. i was expecting something like a 0 or five but to my surprise my rating is a 6. yeah i know it's not a perfect then but i'm just starting so i will continue to post quality threads. thanks to you all for your ratings (negative or positive), for responding to my posts and for those who chose me as best response thank you very much ;) thanks to recycledgoth coolcat123 barnkinney netski15
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• Australia
23 Apr 07
Hey, well done on recieving your first star. I too was quite happy to recieve this first landmark :) It was one of my goals just to recieve my first star :) So i know what you are feeling right now, as would many others i am sure :) Why did you think that it would be a zero? or was that just self doubt? I recieved a 7 on my first star. I didnt actually know what to expect and to me 7 was good enough for me :) Hopefully there will be a good rise to the little number in that star. Keep on posting!
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@emjay9 (249)
• Philippines
24 Apr 07
yeah it's feels like an accomplishment. a zero? well because that's what most of my discussions get, zero response. lol i really didn't expect a 6.