Should Capello be given 2nd chance next season?

April 23, 2007 7:53am CST
Real may not be at their best this season under Capello. Capello may not have been fan's favourite. And even certain players express their hatred and displeasure at him. But now, Real has a chance to lift the Primera Liga title. And Real seems to be improving after each games. The question is, should he stays as Real manager next season? I think Real's fan have a lot to say about this. I think Capello should stay, you cannot judge him by one season. And after all, he seems to be able to get things under control. But maybe he needs help with the transfer market. And one more thing, don't buy Kaka. Buy Ronaldo instead :D
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@nekakav (11)
• Bulgaria
30 Apr 07
Look ... I don't think that Capello needs second chance. Everybody can see that now Real Madrid's players work in harmony. Capello is man that is prooved his quallity to win trophys. He just needs little more time and I am sure that he will make Real champions of Spain. Actually he can win the Primera Division championship this year. Barcelona isn't such a good team as it was, so I believe in Real's chances. About your last sentence - NO! Cristiano Ronaldo isn't such a good player as Kaka. Kaka will passes perfectly to the style of Real Madrid. But ... everyone has his own opinion ;).
• Bulgaria
30 Apr 07
I am sorry. I wanted to say "I think that Capello needs a second chance", but I wrote "I don't think that Capello needs second chance". I am sorry.
• Malaysia
14 May 07
Well, about Kaka and Ronaldo; I'd prefer Real going after Ronaldo since I love watching Kaka' at Milan. So I hope Real would just go after someone else. That was my point. It has nothing to do with comparing their footballing skills or something.
@Sir_bobby88 (8244)
• Singapore
10 Jun 07
Well i do think that capello should continue to be boss at real marid yea .... anyway i think he should really buy kaka instead of ronaldo , because ronaldo have really weak legs yea lol
@kiran868 (39)
• India
24 May 07
I think capello should give another chance next season.Because just now he is getting things under his control.He has done a great thing by removing all yhose who are troblesome to the team.And he has built a great team.He also has done some mistakes such as handling beckham,etc. But anyways he should be given another chance
@Adamdog (254)
• United States
12 May 07
Capello is a great coach and he deserves a second chance. If Real win the La Liga he will get the chance on 100%! Real are so close after tonight's win! They are just waiting for Barca to slip to make their move. Capello is great with the players and they love him, we the fans love him. We like Real's play at the moment and I hope he stays next season also.