Which role is easier to play?

April 23, 2007 8:08am CST
To be a mother or to be a teacher? Which role do you think is easier to play? My years as a mother is as many as being a teacher. All these years I take care of my own kid and at the same time take care of my students. In school I have look after the study of more than 100 students while at home I look after the life, health, and study of my dear kid. Both of my kid and my students make me exhausted most of the time. Sometimes I think if I am to take only one of them, which one would I choose to take care? What about you?
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• Philippines
24 Apr 07
I think being a teacher is harder than being a mother. I would rather take care of my two children than to teach a whole class. I heard some teachers being sued by parents of their students because the teacher got pissed off. I mean you cant expect the kids to behave at all times in the classroom and there are times, as a teacher, you cant avoid disciplining the student.
@cherriemae (3374)
• Philippines
24 Apr 07
i think it's being a teacher is the easier role to play..it's because teachers are only who teaches good values and good manners to their students inside the school, and after that if the bell rings, the students will say goodbye and that's the end of the task of the teacher, while the mother has the toughest job, because being a mother, she is not only teaching good values and manners inside the house but also she takes care of her children for all factors..like cleaning the house, washing clothes, changing diapers, etc, etc, and there's no end task of being a mother..it's continues until such time that she dont have strength to take good care for her children..
• United States
23 Apr 07
i have 2 girls and we home school and sometimes it is easier doing that. when you are a parent though you are a teacher. you teach your kids everything. when you are a teacher at school you get to send them back home and not worry. it is a parent who has to kiss the boo boos, tuck them in, feed them, cloth them, worry about what they did, who they are with, our they learning what they need to, and so much more. i think being a teacher is easier. most teachers dont think about the kids once they walk out of the room. they only worry about ok i taught this gave the answers for this they can take the test and pass.