My baby keeps crying, kicking & doesn't want to drink her milk- whats wrong?

@catcai (1057)
April 23, 2007 8:09am CST
Im a first time mom, and I've been having some trouble lately with my newborn, it seems that there are times that shes so irritated- she just cries and cries and kicks her feet, but when i give her her formula, water or breastmilk she doesnt wanna drink it- and i try to cuddle and carry her- but she still cries!, i dont know whats wrong, i change her position in bed, put some pillows, sing to her... but to no luck she's still crying until she gets tired of crying then she dozes off.. I really dont know whats wrong and i dont want her to cry that much because i can see she's in some sort of pain, but it frustrates and hurts me a lot that i cannot do anything about it.. is it Gas? or something? have you experienced this before? If it is gas- how can i deal with it?