Is for you acceptable to change jobs to build a career?

United States
April 23, 2007 8:22am CST
Some people place a high value on loyalty to the employer. To others, it is perfectly acceptable to change jobs every few years to build a career. Which position do you agree with?
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@jbrooks0127 (2326)
• United States
24 Apr 07
There was a time when staying with one company and being loyal to them worked. If you worked hard they rewarded you financially as well as job security. That no longer is the case. You can be very loyal to a company and you may have worked for it many years but all it takes is one person deciding the company would be better off consolidating or downsizing and you may be on the road. It has happened to countless people. So your career is truly in your hands. There is only one problem with moving and that is if you do it too often. You then begin to look like you won't be with your next employer long so they will overlook you. The best course of action is to be where you are appreciated. If that means staying with one company for a long time that is fine but if you find you are no longer getting raises or that any promotion you qualify for goes to someone else it is time to start looking. Hard to do but in the long run it will be in your best interest.
@minnie_98214 (10572)
• United States
24 Apr 07
My option wasnt listed but ill say it anyways. Im lucky enough to naot have to work. I love having the time to be with my kids and helping out at the school. I know not every one has the choice but I think some people take work to seriously and forget to raise the kids.
@gberlin (3836)
23 Apr 07
Today, so many businesses cut back on employees or their business folds that I think it is necessary to move from one job to the next to advance a career.
• India
23 Apr 07
I'm from the software fraternity and I have friends who have been doing both. I have friends who have been changing jobs like mad and those that have been sticking around in one place for a while. There are pros and cons for either decision, but let me elaborate. If your only reason to quit a job is money, then you might need to think again, as most companies that are worth their money pride themselves in being able to retain their talented employees, so if you have the right stuff, they might not mind paying you more to keep you on, so you can expect a pay hike, sooner than later. If you are however not enjoying your work experience as the job profile you are assigned to clashes with your interests, you could still try to ask for a shift within the company itself. If that is not possible, you can go for a change of company, but I really don't recommend hopping jobs. It does not reflect well on you and doesn't look good on your resume.