Nigerian Politics Is a Do or Die Affair According to the OBJ

April 23, 2007 8:30am CST
It is really a surprise that the so call President who is seen as the Head of African;s Leader said that the Coming Election is going to be a Do or Die affair. i thought president suppose to advice and not to even said is going to be a deadly one. To Me, OBJ has a psychological problems which must be check before the election is ended. please my follow member does election a Do or Die affair. In any games like football one site most Win and one site most loose. Even in business which we say is risky either you care or you loose if politics is a cane one person most win and the other most loose. if is a business either you cane or you loose.. please, Does Election a Do or Dies Affair? if yes, why? if no. Why. and what are the solution to Nigerian Political scenery?. i need ur suggestion and comment. Fromn
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