How to stimulate a 9 months old senses...

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April 23, 2007 8:40am CST
At nine months, your baby probably will have chosen a favorite toy or blanket, showing he can make fine distinctions between his toys. He's also developing a growing ability to plan. Enjoy helping him grow! Step One Hand him a pot upside down. See if he'll turn it over. He may begin to discover the difference between right side up and upside down. Step Two Put a hat on his head while he's sitting in front of the mirror. He'll enjoy watching his reflection as he pulls the hat off his head. Step Three Put a piece of transparent tape on the back of his hand. Peeling it off will be an interesting challenge. Step Four Read together: Choose a sturdy book with pictures of familiar things. As you turn the pages, let him point and touch the pictures. Step Five Make a box of materials for him to feel so he can learn about textures. Include rough materials as well as smooth ones: a linoleum square, a playing card, a large rubber sink stopper, a square of velvet or satin, a sponge. Step Six Dance with your baby to quiet music before putting him to bed. He'll be soothed, and he'll like cuddling before falling asleep. Some of my favorite are step 6 and 2. I enjoy dancing with him, and he enjoys it too. I also like to sit him in front of the mirror. What do you do to stimulate your baby's senses? Do you use these steps, or do you have steps of your own? Tell me your steps.
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23 Apr 07
I just always made sure they had plenty of things that made noise and lots of colors. They seem to like noise and colors.