Slow to rise but terrible temper or the opposite?

Temper - Anger management
April 23, 2007 9:14am CST
I don't get angry very easily. I rarely ever lose my temper, but when I do, it's not a pretty sight and it takes a long time for it to go away. I know of some people who are just the opposite, they often lose their tempers, but whenever they do, it's never as bad as mine. What about you?
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@mrbranan (1012)
• United States
23 Apr 07
I have a terrible temper which over years I have learned to control. Don't get me wrong if I think I am right I won't back down.
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• Philippines
25 Apr 07
I haven't learned how to control my temper yet. I am trying though.
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@adijam265 (769)
• India
28 Apr 07
it's the same case with me. i dont lose my temper so easily, even when i get angry it is very bad, it was worse before, it would take very long to cool down, but now ive learnt the trick,whenever i lose my temper even though very rarely, i try to get out of that place , get some fresh air , or else show the whole anger on his/her face directly,i do it now , before i was just feeling like doing it but not doing it. if not possible, i make it a point to give a strong message indirectly.itit has worked for an impossible case i just do as i said above, go out get som fresh air
• United States
4 May 07
I try to control my temper a lot and it seems like the more I do the longer it takes to get me angry. But I really pity the person that makes me finally lose my temper for good, as it is bad, and it is loud. And my children have told me that they really do expect steam to come out of my ears that I get so hot! lol