Why are we not talking of IBM again from year 2000 up till now

April 23, 2007 9:25am CST
IBM has collapse and we no longer mention their name again. it is because they refused to take path in the modern technology and they were contractile on their old fashion on business, forgetting that things are upgrading every hour on the todays world. That's why you have to keep an eyes to any that is modern , this is information age and every minute things are changing and so likewise we have to upgrade our business and try to put an eyes and listen to what soever is happening in our society to enable us more forward. You business must listen to what is happening to enable you follow the advance people move in the same direction. IBM are no more to be heard and not even to be found. The Question is this Why are we not been talking of IBM again even on the internet world? i need your comment and response. Thanks for reading. from www.dollarsforum.com
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