United States
April 23, 2007 10:36am CST
HEROES is returning to NBC @ 9pm EST tonight, Monday April 23rd, 2007. Some of the occupants of my household are psyched about the information discovered in the 'list' researched and sought out the names of for nearly two decades by the professor. It seems the cheerleader is an integral part of the plan to collect everyone who posesses a particular psychic ability, believable or otherwise. Some found can astral project, some can heal themselves from horrible wounds and lethal experiences, some just talk to their other 'vicious' side and let her take over a seemingly normal woman's average life to give it drama. It should be interesting to see how Seylar further develops his plot to destroy even though many are on to 'something'. I wrote an article at AssociatedContent regarding Heroes, it can be viewed below: How many people at myLot enjoy the series thus far? sharing the light, Erica Hidvegi
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