She wanted that Artist (Painter) to die

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April 23, 2007 12:08pm CST
Around last week I was at my friends place. I never knew his wife was an Art Collector. I met her wife for the first time. Now, since I am attached to the filed of Art and Art exhibitions to some extent.... I went to a detailed dialog with her. The lady then showed me her prized Art collections, a collection of nearly 15 Oil on canvas works. She was particularly bullish about one particular painting that she had bought around 5 years back for INR 30,000 ($700) and said........ the painting was now worth around INR 5,00,000 ($11,700). I told her that the work has already appreciated quite a lot, and she should try to auction the work as that was her business. And what she told me........ made me look at her with such dis-respect. She said....... the Artist who has done the work is famous Artist from West Bengal, India and was already around 77 years old. She said....... I am waiting for him to die coz once he dies........ the price of the painting will go up by around 300%. She wanted the Artist to die........ just so that the girl can make a handsome profit........ so mean...... so selfish. I think there are many Art Collectors around the world who hold back the work of artists and put them on Auction only after the Artist dies......... for the simple reason that........ after the Artist dies...... the world knows that there are only a limited no. of paintings of that particular artist.......
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23 Apr 07
I wonder how many people are waiting for me to die? I know that some people view art that way and it's kinda sad. I always hope that whoever is buying my paintings or other artwork is doing so because they like the work and that it would look good in their home. But, I know there are a lot of collectors that buy art as an investment and look at it only in terms of dollars and cents.