Too much information at school?

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April 23, 2007 12:29pm CST
My daughter is 5 1/2 years old and attend the local Early Learning Center. Along with most of the country, I dressed her in Virginia Tech colors last Friday. She had no idea of what had been transpiring all week, but did ask why we were all wearing the same thing. I explained to her (in five year old terms) that a there was a very sad thing that happened and a lot of people died and went to Heaven and that today we were going to wear special colors to let their families know that we were praying for them. She was more than content with my answer. When I picked her up from day care she said: "Hey mom! Did you know that some crazy man came to school and shot a bunch of people and thats why we're wearing this stuff today?" I was mortified! According to my daughter she heard this from her teacher. I'm not sure the teacher outright told the kids this or my daughter just overheard their conversation but I really feel teachers have a duty to be more careful! What do you think?
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@SheliaLee (2738)
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23 Apr 07
I agree with you. Kids are exposed to enough in school as it is without having to hear about terrible tragedies like at Virginia Tech. They are there to learn. I think all information like this needs to be told to kids by their parents, IF the parents think their children need to hear it, not by anyone else.