How to blow smoke rings...

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April 23, 2007 2:07pm CST
I sure thought this would be a good, and funny one. Have you ever wondered how they do it? How can they blow out rings? Here's how to master the art of smoke ring blowing. Pick out cigarettes that tend to have thick smoke - full flavor, 100s, menthols, etc. Light cigarettes will still work, but the lighter the cigarette, the thinner the smoke will be. Pack the cigarettes as best as you can. Packing cigarettes involves repeatedly striking the top of the pack on a flat hard surface or your hand to condense the tobacco further towards the filter, leaving that empty paper space on top. Light the cigarette, and just enjoy the first few drags. The first two are usually lighter anyways, and relax! Trying too hard is one of the main causes of failure. Take a drag of smoke into your mouth, just like you normally would. Only, try to take a fairly large drag, as the more smoke you have, the more you have to work with. If you're using menthol cigs, Newports especially, you will know you when you have enough smoke by the cold hitting your throat. Partially inhale the smoke, just enough to keep the smoke in your throat. This may take getting used to, simply because it may make some people cough. With your mouth closed, draw your tongue back in your mouth towards your throat, keeping it pointing down toward the bottom of your mouth so that the smoke moves away from your lips. Shape your mouth into an "O" shape, but stick your lips out as if you were making an "oo" sound (like in the word 'boot'). The circle should be as big as you can comfortably make it. Don't stress too much--leave room for movement. You will look rather ridiculous to everyone else, until they realize you're about to blow their minds. Push small amounts of smoke out. The best way to describe this is the sound you make when you sigh, or the sound you make when someone tells you you have to do something you don't want to do. You will feel pressure and then a quick burst of smoke, but your vocal chords should not be used. As you feel, or know, that the smoke is leaving your lips, push the tongue forward, still keeping it pointing down, and bring the lower jaw slightly but rapidly up at the same time. Tuck your lips inward very slightly, but rapidly. This will put a "spin" on the smoke, helping the ring stay tight. This should create a very beautiful, thick ring of smoke. Tips When blowing rings, try to keep your tongue out of the way as much as possible, as it will only disrupt the spin you are trying to put on the smoke. Just keep it comfortably at the bottom of your mouth. Don't force it, but keep it down. The speed at which your O-ring moves will be determined by how much pressure you put behind your "uh." Really, to achieve that, you must push on the smoke in your throat using your diaphragm like you're going to exhale hard or cough. How far and how fast you move your lips also affects the ring's travel. If you quickly curl your lips, the ring will travel faster. The further in you curl your lips, the faster and farther your smoke ring will go. However, don't curl too much or too soon. Timing is everything. If you constrict the opening too soon, you may end up with smaller rings than you want. Try practicing in front of a mirror. You will be able to watch the smoke form, how it flows, and how the shape and movement of your mouth affects it. To blow a smaller smoke ring through a larger one, just take into account which way the smoke rings are floating, and how fast. Blow a ring carefully, so that it retains shape, yet moves slowly, then constrict your lips a little more, and blow a smaller one. The smaller one should move faster by design, but if it doesn't, use lip curling to make it move faster. After that, it's all aim! If there is ANY sort of air movement, you will have a hard time keeping the rings together. In this case, try rotating your position in the room. Depending on where the air movement is coming from, shooting your rings in a different direction can help. Do not use your vocal chords when making the short exhales. It should be a guttural whisper, if anything. An alternate method (i.e. cheating) is to burn a hole in the cellophane wrapper in your cigarette pack. After inhaling smoke, blow it into the hole. Gently tap the wrapper on side without a hole. A smoke ring will appear! Now that I have went into explicit detail, you may now be able to figure it out no problem. Do you know how to blow smoke rings?
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@samson1967 (7422)
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14 May 07
I saw my father making smoking rings, and leart it my self on my own. Now I can make the rings with any smokables.