Anime Look-Alikes in Real Life!

United States
April 23, 2007 4:33pm CST
Sweeney and Sanshiro - These two look so much alike, don't they? So what if they are from different dimensions? maybe they were separated at birth and one of them got sucked into the second dimension or the third? Who knows? It's a real mystery!
Do you know someone or saw a stranger that looks so much that that character from your favorite or non-favorite anime/manga and they weren't even trying to? That's always been the most fun part about these people since they tend to catch you off guard. Anyone have any experiences or pictures to share? As long as it's not a cosplay =D The two dopplegangers here were what really inspired me to create this post (apologies ahead of time to whoever created a discussion like this first, sorry!) This character (I don't know his name) is from Plawress Sanshiro and the real guy's Indie Wrestler Larry Sweeney a.k.a.: "Sweet n' Sour" XD He actually dresses like this! It's great! Hope you all have fun! =)