My ferret Seva has a new playtoy, or does the kitty actually have a new playtoy?

@saralee1 (1983)
United States
April 24, 2007 12:25am CST
I just adopted a kitten, naming it"boots" because of it's white paws, (deleted it's old name tucks for obvious reasons) they seem to get along fine "Now" but what can I expect in the future? anyone own a cat, and ferret?
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25 Apr 07
Cats and ferrets normally get along great! Especially since you got him at a young age. I had a friend who let her 12 ferrets roam free in her house with her 3 cats. Nothing bad ever happened to the ferrets, or the cats. I would definately supervise them when they play -- but it should work out great!
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24 Apr 07
If the kitten is young enough it should work out fine. I was ferret sitting for my sons fiance a few weeks back. My kitten is almost 6 months old. She didn't like Dalila at all. She would watch her and stalk her and when I turned my back Doodlebug pounced. I think it might have been due to Dalila being brought into my kitties territory instead of the other way around. I know there are people who have cats and ferrets together and they get along fine. I think my Doodlebug is just a brat.