Why all the men are different from each other ?

April 24, 2007 2:56am CST
The famous saint Sankara Aachaarya has answered this question in his narration of the famous book "Brahma Soothra Amritham". He says "Please place some pots on a ground and fill all the pots with water. Look at the images of the sky seen in each pot. We can see that the color of the sky will be different in each pot depending upon its cleanliness. If we break all these pots, there will be only one sky ie the sky over our head. Sankara aacharya meant with this example that difference in people or any living creature depends on their past "Karma". if we do good things, our life will be crystal pure and if do the sins only our life will be full of sufferings . can you narrate any other reason other than this ?
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