Cyber World and Cyber Court !

April 24, 2007 4:49am CST
So many paid to post forums are popping up everyday and when the people start liking it, they bring their friends and family to join the sites along with their emotions. whether it be paid or non-paid, we are getting attached to the forums and the friends there. we are finding our alter-egos, shredding our griefs and sharing our joys, lending and getting pieces of advice. that cyber world is definitely making our life better. But at a fine moment, the sites are giving a slip and closing down. it gives us a shock and a big jerk. if a forum shuts down, the office of the forum is in US. i am in India and I cannot do any thing but to curse helplessly. i feel strongly that there should be a Cyber Court. it should be run as a website is run. It should function like the normal court. Anybody from anywhere in the world should have a right to move it. When a forum or a site deceives the people with money or the emotions attached to it, such forums should be taken to the Cyber court. Show the cyber evidences that the site has cheatedThe admins of the forums should be tried and punished. This has come out of me after being cheated by some forums. What is your opinion and Do you feel like me too?
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• United States
1 May 07
It is a very interesting idea and a good one but it would never happen because of but not limited to: enforcement, rules & policies, operational, territorial, etc. issues. Currently, the best you can hope for is what you have and that would be sites that list scam sites vs. sites that pay. Some of the people on those sites, are very good about tracking people and letting their users know if someone whose cheated someone is opening a new operation. So, people can be warned beforehand. I am not all that big on forums and the like as a means of making money and have very little experience with them. But, I do feel your pain and as stated, it is a good idea.
• India
1 May 07
all countries should sign a treaty that if any of their country men found guilty in the cyber court shall be punished in their country as the cyber law of court. it is difficult but atleast if many countries implement it, it will give great results
7 Jun 07
I think scam sites should be punished. I also think web hosts should keep an eye on things and those who own or pay for a dedicated server should have them removed from their access. Kudos, ~Joey
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@jfpicard (179)
• Canada
24 Apr 07
That's an interesting idea. The biggest problem of that is how to make impartial trials and of course, how can you effectively enforce the punishment of the offender ? There is a way to do it, if ever the US release the control of the Internet over the UN, maybe this will be possible.
• India
24 Apr 07
yes, thats the right way. all the countries should bring pressure on the US to release its control.