Is it justifiable to blame the parents for the bad things their children do

@SHINE333 (1284)
April 24, 2007 5:31am CST
I think the surrounding and the friends cirle also make a role in one character.
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24 Apr 07
I think some parents are so horrible that the way their children turn out is their fault. 1. Parents who BEAT their children over the smallest infraction- 1a. Children need to be disciplined-spankings are ok in the training-but rarely-NOT BEATINGS. 2. Parents who don't discipline their children for anything and allow the children to rule the home by acting like little monsters. 3. Parents who ridicule their children. 4. Parents who are neglectful of their children. 5. Parents who do not love their children and this incorporates all of the above. All of the above causes ire and rage in kids. It's not just the surrounding friends and family. It goes straight to the parents. We have been brainwashed into saying that kids are not to point the finger back at the parents. If you place a seed in shallow dry ground, what do you expect will occur with the seedling? This is not to you SHINE333: This portion is for those people who won't accept the responsibility for ruining their children, causing them to loose heart and their want to hurt others for their pain when they get older.. GET REAL!