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@agfarm (930)
United States
April 24, 2007 6:03am CST
I love these things. Here's a helpful hint for those of us whom like fresh-cut pineapple. As some of you already know...the pine-apple is a Vegetable. This food grows underground, therefore it's true classification is a Vegetable . Kind of like the Tomato is a fruit ( thing ) it grows on a vine ( just like grapes ) I happened to have the luck one day a couple o' months ago, of talking to a war veteran ( in his mid-to late 60's ) whom throughout the course of his travels.... was in either central , or south America . At one point...he came in Contact with a Pineapple Farmer. The Farmer told get the most flavor out of your Pineapple , do this : The day before you plan to cut your pineapple...cut the Crown off ( that's the green leafy part ) then...turn your pineapple upside-down on a plate or bowl , and place in the refridgerator. The sugars which have " settled " in your Pineapple will flow through the pineapple ( when you turn it upside down ) and it will be extra sweet , and flavorful. I've done this , and it really gives your Pineapple Fantastic Flavor !!! If you have any great tips like this would you kindly Share?
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