Superman VS Batman

@juntoboy (612)
April 24, 2007 10:44am CST
do you like superman? and how about batman. who is your favorites. superman is a strongest man in the world. but it is only funtastic. batman is a real ability. i like him. how about you?
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• China
20 Mar 08
I really love superman, maybe it is because i like that one can save me when i am in danger or depressed. In the reality, batman is attrative because their strong and power which make you fell safe. So, how can i choose, they are in different world. Ha, can i choose both two.
@bmodina (241)
• Philippines
26 Feb 08
i like Superman coz he has many powers, x ray vision, he could run so fast in a speed of light, but The Flash is the most fastest run than Superman, he has an eye dazzling sparks to make a fire, he has a power of hearing, he is invincible and the most strongest and he can fly...
@Dasari100 (3803)
• Anantapur, India
14 Feb 08
Dear friend superman is strongest and and batman also and u are strongest and smartest nice person in this world every one has individuality dont think particular person , i am strongest person in this world because i am strong in mentaliy .. its such quite questions u have asked i think u are the strongest person..hhaamhm give me reply
• Indonesia
5 Feb 08
I Like Superman because he is funtastic hero, but i still like Suparman because he is my uncle..he..he
@shiloh_222 (5480)
• Philippines
16 Dec 07
definitely superman... and all the people who played superman on screen are so so handsome! take note of these names: christopher reeve, dean cain, tom welling, brandon routh... yummy!
@lyn2008 (444)
• China
15 Dec 07
I like superman most. why? because superman doesn't only have great power,but have great hope,he bring us hope to move on,I do like batman to,is it realy?I don't think so.
@sajuman (1854)
• India
18 Nov 07
i like superman....batman is not bad but still... Superman...the super hero of the world...Every one's friend...enemy of bad guys... I hope if there was a real superman...this world will become the heaven.. The present world needed one super hero...
@gcmthiago (239)
• Brazil
26 Apr 07
I like more Superman,with extraordinary powers, Batman also is very good, but only one human, one it are of the common one.
• Philippines
25 Apr 07
Superman is strong, and thats it.. I like batman better since even though he doesnt have superpowers, he still manage to become one of the best comics superheroes.
@srilaxmi (21)
• India
25 Apr 07
yes, i see superman his films are serials are so different takes, world make a new man that is the superman, child like that very much sins you know
@cybrsef (19)
• Philippines
24 Apr 07
i guess it's more of superman vs. spiderman!!
• Malaysia
24 Apr 07
i rather prefer Batman.the cool bat giv me a bid sense of heroism than superman.i love the two Batman movies directed by Tim Burton.i hav watch them several times.for me,Michael Keaton is more suitable than Val Kilmer,George Cloony and Christian Bale as the Gotham hero...tell me about ur view.
@baronu14 (52)
• Romania
24 Apr 07
Well..i like more Superman with his superpowers.Batman is also a great hero...and is more of the intelectual type.
@uath13 (8207)
• United States
24 Apr 07
They write superman to be so Goodie-Goodie I'd want to kill him myself. Where's the kryptonite? Batman is one of the few D.C. characters I can tolerate.