What are u studying, ur future plans, ur ambition?

April 24, 2007 11:21am CST
I'm studying Diploma in Electronics & Communication Engineering. My future plans... uhmm... to earn good amount of money and ambition.. to become a scientist what 'bout u?
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24 Apr 07
I'm currently studying psychology, religious studies, information communication technology (computing) and english literature at As level, to be carried on to A level next year. I'm hoping to go to uni to do a joint honours degree in english and journalism, then go on to be a journalist for a magazine ^_^
• Malaysia
25 Apr 07
Do you understand the term, "Reverse Psychology" and something like that? I'm currently studying engineering and I just realized that the term, "Reverse Engineering" was really exist.
@fortune9 (34)
• China
25 Apr 07
i'm working,but i begin to learn Spanish in my free time.i want to learn more spanish and can use it.
• Malaysia
25 Apr 07
Manufacturing engineering, major of Robotics and Automation. However, I'm not purely interested with my course. I want to be a teacher, but I also have a deep interest in business.