birth control options for blood clot prone

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April 24, 2007 2:00pm CST
Two years ago I had a trambosis/ blood clot in my leg which they beleive was a result of my birth control. I then recieved the Mirena IUD. I liked the IUD it was easy and responsible. Unfortunitly I became the .1% to have an ectopic pregnancy. I underwent surgery on Thursday and they had to remove my ruptured fallopian tube. The whole thing is very overwhelming. Now I am confused about my options. I was not looking to become pregnant at this time and feel that I was responsible and carefull and now what do I do. People don't seem to understand that I didn't do any thing to cause this situation.
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@tess1960 (2386)
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24 Apr 07
Please reread your discussion. TO me it sounds as if maybe you are feeling a bit guilty yourself about the lost child. Hiney, You are right! You did the responsible thing by taking birth control. Abstinence is the only other alternative to birth control. Please talk to your doctor and ask him/her about other forms of birth control. They now have shots and patchs also. By staying in touch with your doctor and having regular checkups there may still be a birth control method viable for you from the doctor. God Bless and don't feel guilty, This was not your fault.