Do you think that a student have any chances in a relation with her teacher?

April 24, 2007 2:01pm CST
One of my best friend is in loved of our maths teacher and he is in loved of her too.Do they have any chances?
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@colega17 (312)
• Romania
26 Apr 07
No , I don't think they have any chance . First of all they can't say they love each other because love is a big word . Yes , I agree with the fact that they probably like each other but it is impossible to say they are in loved . Even if they could have a relationship I don't really think it will last too long because of their difference of age and different concepts ( a teenager and an adult usually have very different opinions ) . So . . . I don't think that a relationship between a student and his / her teacher is something that could have chances . . . but this is just my opinion . . .
• Turkey
24 Apr 07
no there isno chance first of all their ages is very important