Do you use roll-on/deodorants for your underarms?

rexona deodorant - This the deodorant that I am currently using. :)
April 24, 2007 3:45pm CST
Or do you simply use nothing at all? Or simply use other products aside from deodorants? I use deodorants for my underarm. And to be honest, if I don't put any and I sweat a lot, it gives out a smell but not really a bad smell, of course. lol My sister's boyfriend doesn't use any roll-ons or deodorants. And I'm really amazed that even if he's already sweating, it has no foul smell at all. He said he just takes a bath, and that's it! And that was when I realized that I think smells on underarms would just depend on your body/ hygiene.:)
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@mameiha69 (157)
• Philippines
21 May 07
i first satarted using deodorant when i was 12 years old. you know that time i was in the puberty stage, that's why. hormone changes, my momma told me tha'a why im having this smell. tell you one thing more. what causes body odor? its the lifestyle. what do i mean? before people live up to 100 years old because they eat healthy foods. but now, oily, high cholesterol foods are on the rise, having big effect on our health, even in our odors. and also the weathers is changing. we tend to sweat so much that we produce body odor. so to prevent these? personal hygiene and healthy foods.