Oh dear, i made him angry

@mamatika (225)
April 24, 2007 6:12pm CST
Yesterday i made my love ones angry at me, i was checking in his website, and i got jealous with some replay he made in ones of the member there.(we are miles away from each other this moment) so he is angry at me now, he send me an email & said dose not want to talk to me in a week & this week end is my Birthdays, what will happen to me in my birth day my love ones dose not want to talk to me. Did i do some think wrong? is that wrong to be jealous with some ones you love? For that i all ready said sorry to him, i send him 2 sorry poem, 2 sorry email. will he talk to me soon? will he forgive me? what do you think boys& man? if your loves ones done to you like what i done to him? will you still not gone talk to your love ones in a week? oh dear. iam sad now.
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