Mother's Day & Father's Day == How do you celebrate this with your parents?

@zjenikka (292)
April 24, 2007 8:30pm CST
We do celebrate Mother's Day and Father's Day. I remember before when we were still kids and our elder sisters would gather us around their room to plan on what to do for the occasion. Before, we do not have any work yet so we just make a simple card printed from our computer and contribute an amount from our allowance to buy for a bundle of flowers. Now almost all the ssisters have work, what we do is we plan a month before for a Mother's Day party and a Father's Day party. Everybody would grather around and celebrate for the day. We invite our parent's close friends and our close relatives. As kids of your parents HOW do you celebrate MOTHER'S DAY and FATHER'S DAY to your parents? do you recognize this events? please be detailed.
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