I'm Sick of this Disrespect

Support Cops - It's hard to read but the signs say things like 'support those who protect us'...'support cops.' Maybe if you click it it'll get bigger and easier to read.
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April 24, 2007 8:36pm CST
I'm watching some police videos on yotube, sometime I like to watch them. And I am reading comments that people leave for these videos. And so many of them are so disrespectful towards policemen. It makes me sad and so angry at the same time. Some of the messages left are just appaling! For example, in one video a cop is hit by a car, and some jerk thought it appropriate to say "the guy wasn't paying attention, he missed the cop, better luck next time." In fact the car did not miss the cop and I thought it was terrivle that this person would wish worse harm on to a cop like that. Other people just go on to bad mouth cops, saying they are pigs, or they are just out to make money or they don't want to protect us, etc. I am just sick of people bad mouthing cops soo much! It makes me sad that people can not understand that these men and women die for peope everyday. Anyone else feel this way? Please feel free to leave any comments.
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@MrNiceGuy (4147)
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25 Apr 07
People are stupid on YouTube. They get a chance to say something completely anonymously as an equal to other people. You have to understand that they are just stupid people saying things that they wouldnt say to someones face.
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