What was the specs on your first computer ?

United States
April 24, 2007 9:12pm CST
I remember when I got my very first computer, I was 12 years old and and didn't have a clue as to how slow it actually was. It was a Compaq Presario and terribly slow. Here's the specs: AMD K6-2 processor (533 MHZ) 20 GB 5400 RPM Hard drive 17" CRT monitor 64 MB of PC100 Ram Windows 98 SE 4X4X CD-RW burner Integrated Trident 3D graphic accelerator (8 MB) Yep, that was my computer back in the days, and man it was sucky. How bout you guys?
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@roferz (46)
• Philippines
25 Apr 07
my first computer was an ibm with 8086 processor that was 20 years ago. i used it with lotus123 spreadsheet and wordstar
@Zorrogirl (1481)
• South Africa
25 Apr 07
sounds just like my first pc. the cpu speed unknown, 10 mb harddrive, etc. the version of lotus 123 was inoperable and it was there where i became an expert on tetris. it was the only game i had on it. lol, i still have it. i want to try and make chair or something out of it, re the size.
• Philippines
22 Jun 07
The truth is that I dont remember much about my first computer coz all parts were upgraded now. As far as Im concerned, the processor is 600 mhz memory is 128 mb video card is 16 mb cd-rom is 48x and monitor is 14 inch.
@pecata17 (29)
• Bulgaria
27 Apr 07
My first computer was Vectra :).With 17" monitor.I don't remember characteristics but itwas very slow :).Now my computer is not so good then my old but it's good for internet and for my programs :).I don't want an incredible computer because good computers are for gamers nothing other want good computer.
• Brazil
26 Apr 07
My first pc was a Mac, the appleII- According to wiki, its specs were- "The Apple II Plus had a total of 48 KiB of RAM, expandable to 64 KiB by means of the language card, a 16 KiB RAM expansion card that could be installed in the computer's slot 0. The Apple's 6502 microprocessor could support a maximum of 64 KiB of memory, and a machine with 48 KiB RAM reached this limit because of the additional 16 KiB of read-only memory and I/O addresses. For this reason, the extra RAM in the language card was bank-switched over the machine's built-in ROM, allowing code loaded into the additional memory to be used as if it actually were ROM. Users could thus load Integer BASIC into the language card from disk and switch between the Integer and Applesoft dialects of BASIC with DOS 3.3's INT and FP commands just as if they had the BASIC ROM expansion card. The language card was also required to use the UCSD Pascal and FORTRAN 77 compilers, which were released by Apple at about the same time" Sweet machine, had colour games while my frinds were all playing in shades of green. --------------------- Corripe Cervisiam!!! -JCM-
• India
25 Apr 07
intel 300mhz 2 g.b hard disk 32 mb ram creative cd rom it is very slow n it can hold only one audio cd + window 95