Temper tantrums

@kaevielf (246)
April 24, 2007 9:16pm CST
My toddler behaves beautifully all day with her baby-sitter. But as soon as I get home from work, she starts with the temper tantrums. Why? Why me?
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@ozzydee70 (465)
• Germany
25 Apr 07
its just normal for your toddler to act that way, its like he/she is telling that you didnt spend time to me during the day so its time to get all of your attention when you get home lol, just have patient a simple hug a kisses will do and talk to him/her alot.
@mzz663 (2775)
• United States
25 Apr 07
she wants her mommy's attention! my kids all did that and it drove me crazy! I found out instead of talking right away to the babysitter to find out how the day went, that saying hi to my kids and giving them a big hug and kiss helped solve this problem. it's hard for a little one to tell you if they had a good or bad day, but it's even harder to throw a tantrum while they're getting a big hug and mushy kiss! if the problem continues, you may want to think about getting another baby sitter....she could be showing you a sign that there's an underlying problem
• Philippines
25 Apr 07
Your toddler probably just wants to get your attention since you do not have time for her all day. I am a mother, too. And my son acts like your toddler does. And the baby-sitter says he is different when I am not around. He is more behaved without me at home, and when I am around, he does weird things and keep prodding me around, and if I don't do what he says, he puts into tantrums. I think this is the kid's way of telling us they miss us, too, and that they hope for our attention.