ever said something off color that you know you'll regret tomorrow

April 24, 2007 9:58pm CST
my mistake was comeing home. she who is to be heard demands attention. but she rambles and i'm tired. from the grand kids to the weather to something else thats where she lost me, thats when i became dirt. when your eyes drift ....thats when they know they no longer have your attention. so sorry babe i've been listening to peoples problems all day and trying to solve them for them, i'm just tired and need some down time can you give me a break for 29 minutes. oh well i guess i'll start the bbq cus yer afraid it'll blow up in your face. oops there i go again speaking out loud. oh i'm not allowed to voice my opinions, then why do you do it all the time? oooops big mistake. we're out of champagne? would you like me to call? do you not know the number by now ? ooops talking out loud again. well viagra is a waste of time and money, and it's too late for rogain, maybe a morophene drip would get me some relief. but no, i chose the road, i am encouraged to walk it, and walk i will, just don't expect me to run. i hate surprises
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