Should there be a option to edit discussions on Mylot?

@nishdan01 (3055)
April 25, 2007 2:54am CST
I find that there are some mistakes in the discussions made.Currently,there is no option to edit once it is posted.Some mylotters have to say OOPS!I made a mistake after some one else responds to their discussion.So I feel that if there is a major mistake in the discusssion(not spelling errors),there should be some option to edit it.What is your opinion?
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• India
7 Jun 07
oh yeahhh.... that would be great, actually.... i have felt many a times, after posting a particular discussion that i need to add or delete some oportion of it..... but i am not able to do that... and then i do not have enough patience to post a topic on similar discussion.. it would be really a great feature on mylot and it is high time that mylot gives a serious thought to allow editing of the discussions.... atleast i must be able to modify the discussions hosted by me.
@prasanta (1947)
• India
20 May 07
No. I feel that will allow a person to change his/her views repeatedly. So, no discussions will reach the stage of conclusion. Already there is hardly any closing down / best response remark.
• Melbourne, Australia
25 Apr 07
Oh there should be. I don't know how many posts of mine have mistakes & once you push post response it's gone. I know I for one dont want to hit the back button & type it all again. An edit button would be great. As long as the person who posts can only edit their own posts.