April 25, 2007 3:44am CST
How can you dump somebody?
3 responses
@cudgel (216)
• Nigeria
7 May 07
i hope we have no lesson here with this discussion. reason is that, did any one just plan to break up with a lover? then i will say there is no true Love there right?
@me23456 (54)
• Canada
25 Apr 07
if i nolonger feel love for some one i will let the know that we are thruogh though i will be gentle about it
@moira20 (226)
• Philippines
25 Apr 07
I would've wanted to hide but I've got nowhere else to go so I'll just tell him, straight to his face. lolz. That way, whatever is left to say would be said right there and then. I know I'll feel guilty but I can't hurt him more by denying his right to know what's going on...I've been there and I would rather appreciate it if I'm not being disregarded or avoided, It will hurt me of course but at least be a MAN enough to tell me it's over than leave me with nothing but questions left unanswered.