why does it pay to be honest?

April 25, 2007 4:51am CST
my parents taught me to be honest. it was also taught in school. an honest person is truthful and free of fraud. Someone with integrity doesn't cheat. but does it pay to be honest?
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@Ramsakha (205)
• India
7 Oct 07
Your parents taught you right. My parents also did the same. But why you are having a doubt whether it pays to be honest? Let me ask you a question. Suppose being honest does not pay, will you become dishonest? As per my belief, honesty pays. It may not be in material terms. It may even result in material loss. But honesty pays you in terms of mental peace and inner satisfaction. For me these two are more valuable than money.
@sherrir101 (3670)
• United States
25 Apr 07
I think that it pays to be honest. My own self esteem would be nothing if I were not honest. Now might omit some stuff to save a person's feelings but other than that I do not lie. Actually, I cannot lie. My face gives it away every time.
@Wanderlaugh (1624)
• Australia
25 Apr 07
Honesty is about who you are. Anyone can be a liar. Any fool can be a thief. It takes far more guts to be honest. Socially, it's a defining characteristic. It affects how other people relate to you. That can be a major help in quality of life, because ultimately people base their relationships on trust, at some level. An honest person is much less of a threat, or liability. People don't necessarily welcome honesty, but they recognize it for what it is, and can accept it, unlike liars, who by definition can't be trusted and are always a risk. On a personal level, being honest with yourself is about as tough as it gets, but it's also safer. Fewer delusions, fewer excuses, but more also much less sleaze, hypocrisy, and "situations" created by dishonesty. It greatly enhances self reliance, and therefore a person's ability to be independent. Your achievements are your own, they're real, and your identity is uncompromised by false or cosmetic versions of yourself. It pays in terms of self respect, and you really can't buy that. Liars can't even afford to think about it.
@Zorrogirl (1481)
• South Africa
25 Apr 07
i think it does. we just have to be careful because sometimes being to honest can hurt someone. the best thing i think is to be true to yourself.