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April 25, 2007 8:41am CST
Why is there a sudden rise in the case of Autism anywhere in the world now?
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@kharl143 (343)
• Philippines
25 Apr 07
there are numerous theories as to the specific cause of autism,but they have yet to be fully supported by evidence.Proposed factors include genetic influence,anatomical variations(e.g. head circumference),abnormal blood vessel function,oxidate stress, and vaccinations.their significance as well as implication for treatment remain speculative.
• United States
9 Jun 07
The Wikipedia article on autism includes a section on the increase, which is about all anyone knows at the moment. I suggest that you bookmark the article and keep checking back, as on this (and several other topics), wikipedia is probably your best choice for an authoritative starting point.
• United States
11 Jun 07
I think that it is due to a different understanding of these children. Back on the late 1980's when I was in college, the only autism we spoke of were non verbal children who had little or no realization of the world around them. Children that we now label as PDD, Asperger's or high functioning austistic were considered quirky, awkward or emotional. Over time, we came to realize that these kids had an actual disability that was the ugly step sister of autism, and we expanded the spectrum. By doing so, we have placed these children in a position where they can receive services. I think we also became a bit more savy in how we viewed behavior. . IN the past, there seems to have been a more rigid definition of what was acceptable, and if you didn't meet the expectations, then you were a "bad kid". Now, educators, doctors and parents look at the why of things more, and in doing so open the door to a better understanding of these children.