Blogsvertise - who else belongs to this site?

United States
April 25, 2007 11:35am CST
Are there any other members here who belong to Blogsvertise? I have some questions but the site itself is very vague about so many things. 1. When they tell you to include the task link 3 times in your blog entry, do they mean the main site link or can you do anchor text to other parts of the 'task' site as well and those will count towards your 3? 2. If your entry is rejected and they give you the chance to do it again, and you never hear back - does that mean it was accepted? 3. When a task is completed - does it continue to show as "UnPaid" on your list for 30 days or will it say "DUE"? If it says "UnPaid" does that mean you aren't going to be paid for it and you do not have another chance to resubmit it? I'm really confused and unhappy with this site right now. I was given my first task on a financial site. I accepted and did the entry. As soon as I submitted it, I got an email telling me it was a mistake and I wasn't suppose to get that task so I had to remove it from my blog and I wouldn't be paid for it. Fine, I wasn't real happy but I understand. I got my next task and the link wouldn't work at all for me. I wrote to Blogsvertise and explained. They wrote back saying it was working for them and for me to try again in a few hours. I waited and tried again many times over the course of 2 days and still kept getting an error message. I wrote to Blogsvertise again and I got no response. So after another day, I declined on the offer and told them why. I got 2 more tasks. I submitted both of them. One of them is showing as UnPaid on my Payment Status page and I never heard if it was accepted or rejected. The second one I was told it was rejected and to try again because the links didn't work. Not true. I tried every link and they worked. I had other people try the links and they all worked so I resubmitted the task. I got another rejection letter saying this time I did not have enough links shown. Again, not true. I had 4 links listed in my entry. BUT I will admit that some of them linked to various parts of the task site and not the main page. I wasn't sure what I was suppose to do so I added more links to the main page just in case. I resubmitted and haven't heard back from them. This task is showing as UnPaid on my Payment Status page as well. I looked all over the site for some direction on what they mean about certain things but couldn't find but a basic explaination. So, can those of you who are long time members there share some tips with me or share your own experiences so I have some idea of how this site works. Thanks so much!!
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@mdchennai (2129)
• India
3 May 07
Nope, i am not a member of it. I wont even prefer to become member of any other site other than myLot. It is because, i spend more of my time here in myLot, now if i join one more forum then internet will become my full time job and my boss will kick me out of the office. I used my office net for browsing ;P
• United States
3 May 07
I can completely respect that. I know MyLot is a very good source of income for many people and in the future I might spend all of my free time here but I like doing other things so I do not become bored with just one site after awhile. Blogsvertise is great because it's not something you do every day or even every week. Once you sign up (for free) then when they have something that they think you might like to write about, the ask you - and you can either decline the offer or you can accept it. You get a sites weblink and they just want you to write about the customer's site on your blog. It's really very simple and you only have to write 2-3 paragraphs. You don't even have to support the site, just write your opinion on it and then if they accept your work, you get paid for it. I had one job that paid $10, another paid $6.25 and another paid $4. That was just last month. Take Care and Thanks for the response!