beggars-- help them or not???

@nimz143 (277)
April 25, 2007 11:48am CST
beggars-- help them or not???some records show that there are beggars earning more than a common jobholder ..... there are also beggars who dont get a times meal??? so should we help them or not???
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@aciddrop (798)
25 Apr 07
beggars are everywhere in china.some of them are professional earners by changing tricks every day while some of them are actually disabled wihtout anyone to rely on.i really cant tell who are truely in need and who are not.also there are countless ppl need help.its the governments job to figure out a way for a citizen,i can only give money to the ones who really look horriblely in need from time to time,if i have changes.
• Sri Lanka
25 Apr 07
In Sri Lanka begging is a wonderful buisness. You cannot beg on your own. They meet in the evening and hands over the money to the chairman. The chairman gives pocket money to the beggars. But most people are not aware of this. They overlook the able bodied beggar and give to an old man thinking that the other one can earn for himself. Little does the generous man know that the money is divided among them later.