Any Editors??????????

@shak143 (1280)
April 25, 2007 12:16pm CST
Hi any good editors for HTML?Are we have to make use of notepad only?which one is better?Either notepad or any editot which you use or preffer to design webpages?
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@userkasep (110)
• Indonesia
1 Jul 07 dc++ great software to work to and it's free. html, php, javascript or anything else could be done in that editor. with colour per line code will show us if some thing mistaken writen in the code. good luck.
• Netherlands
6 May 07
I use Macromedia Dreamweaver. I think it's Adobe Dreamweaver nowadays, just look around on I use it mainly for PHP scripting, but it works for html, javascript and other languages too.
@skbadhan (881)
• India
3 May 07
now a days if you are using notepad for HtMl one thing is that u need to remember each and every tag even color codes ect there is no other option if u are using note pad . i have found a software which is free to download using ehich we can use html as well as window based designing of web pages the softwareis Evrsoft ist page 2000 you can download it for free from http ://
• Philippines
26 Apr 07
I am not so good in html programming but bit by bit I was able to come up with my own website. I am using notepad and hard coded it so it consumes a lot of time. I tried using Notepad++ and definitely nice to code with it. Did any guys here who tried it? Here is my website that I made I appreciate your comments and suggestions. Thank
• United States
26 Apr 07
I've never created a webpage completely from scratch like that, just using a text or HTML editor (unless I'm testing out a small chunk of code or something and I make a simple test page), so notepad works just fine for me, but I'm sure you could find something at Snapfiles has a bunch of great freeware and shareware. There are a lot of other sites like it, but what I like about Snapfiles is that you can choose to look only at freeware if you want to.