Nurses abroad

@capssy07 (207)
April 25, 2007 1:00pm CST
Many nursing graduate now are planning to go abroad. If you are a nurse outside the Philippines especially on US, you're living on the bed of dollars. It is far compared to nurses here. It made me think what if all nurses have opportunity to go abroad. Well still be enough nurses here?
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• Singapore
27 Apr 07
Before those nurses can go to the US and earn big bucks they have to spend a lot of money and they also need to pass a lot of examinations like NCLEX, CGFNS, and a whole lot more. It's not that easy as 1,2,3.
• Philippines
26 Apr 07
there will still be ones who are willing to be left behind and be with their families through thick and thin. and there will also be others who are willing to sacrifice for their country and be with their fellow filipino. i'd like to say that not all nurses want to go abroad. there are still some, very small in number, who prefers to to be in the philippines than in other country.
@erikbench (169)
• Philippines
26 Apr 07
this is the question most of us are now asking about because of the numerous nurses that go abroad.. as to the question, there will be shortages.. but filipinos are hardworkers that despite this lack of nurses, still we will unction as a country in terms of health care..
@micamyx (916)
• Philippines
26 Apr 07
My mom is a former chief nurse in one of the best hospitals in Pangasinan yet she decided to leave the country to search for a better life to support our family especially my brother's education (he is autistic). I can't really blame my mom and she actually wants us to stay with her in England. Working abroad is not a bed of roses - its like living in thorns since its all hardwork and our parents are actually sacrificing their freetime by working overtime just to support our needs. A lot of nurses are going abroad and sadly, the good ones are the ones leaving. That is the sad reality. Another sad thing is a lot of students are taking up the course for the money and not for service.
@r0131n (357)
25 Apr 07
There seem to be a very big misconception of Filipino nurses working abroad. It is true they bring home a lot of money but the reason for that is the relative cost of living. If I buy a designer shirt at £40 this is about 4000 pesos. How many designer shirts can I buy if I am to spend this in the Philippines? If I am to spend all my money in the UK then my wages would just about break even bearing in mind I have mortgage, bills, groceries, transportation and other maintenance. This will not leave enough money for leisure. This is hardly the bed of dollars or pounds that is being perceived back home. If only people would know that nurses here have to work a lot of hours in order to earn the bed of dollars. But, we Filipinos are hard workers. We are willing to sacrifice being away from our family and friends so we can bring home a better life from abroad. We are so versatile and can adapt to any situation in life. We are inteligent enough stay within our goals, our morals and our beliefs. There won't be any shortage of nurses in the Philippines. The snowball effect will still continue. People will still want to be nurses and so will study to be a nurse. Besides, not everyone wants or manages to go abroad so there will always be enough nurses left to care for the sick. God Bless Us All.