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October 20, 2006 10:29pm CST
How can a man get over the one he loves when she dont feel it anymore if she ever did that is. I always did every thing she asked.Is that what went wrong?Is it hopeless to even try or should I trust God and my heart and keep hope alive. Love's worth a chance I THINK!!!!
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@jsteine2 (192)
• United States
21 Oct 06
Well, the best way to get over a woman is to find a new one. If that doesn't work, find two new women. And if that doesn't work, keep repeating those steps. If that doesn't work, you can always get your girl back http://howtogetbabes.com/go/get/your/woman/back/
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• United States
10 Dec 06
You will get over it, I think, when you find a better woman. You could probably do better if she would leave you even if you worshiped her. She must have loved you much to begin with. Keep strong and you will find someone even better. I remember being where you are when I was in college. My boyfriend left me at the end of the year and I never heard from him again. I was heartbroken. I spent most of the summer sitting in my apartment alone and miserable. It took awhile but after awhile I just started telling myself I was better off. Two years later was engaged and now we have been married almost 7 years and have 4 kids. I can only imagine how miserable I would have been if I had stayed with the first guy and never met my husband.
@juls146 (966)
• India
22 Oct 06
in some cases,,wen relationship breaks it s tuf to get it back..which means it was never meant for us..also god gave us a very very weak menory power to get over these things..but in somecases if it was meant for us and things dont get along well...break ups happens..but he/she comes back aft a while knowing it was a true love... so if it comes it s ours and it was trye love otherwise... but whetehr they come or we go to them..during this period it s good to get invole with different things which u have not done during this relation as ur partner was never interested...like watching football match,action movie,treacking,bungee jumping..karting .make new friends...etc etc and enjoy ur life to the fullest... and in the meantime if ur love comes back saying ur s was the true love and i missed u a lot..accept her and start a new life....tak care chill out cheer up...