are you get angry when someone points out your shortcomings?

@sacrg793 (429)
April 25, 2007 1:51pm CST
of course no one wants to get critisicm of any kind, but i'm very displeased when someone point out my shortcomings, do you feel in the same way?
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@chiyosan (30000)
• Philippines
27 Apr 08
no. if that is the truth, i will accept that of course. i hope that when my shortcoming is pointed out, that would be done in private and not in front of all other people. i can take criticisms, i use them to build my confidence more and to work harder... but i guess if a friend tells me about my mistakes with the intention of letting me down and not to help me, that would make me really sad and will be really hurt cause i would never do something like that to a friend...
@izathewzia (5142)
• Philippines
27 Apr 08
It depends on the manner of saying it. I don't actually gets angry. But I get hurt. Especially if it is told in a very annoying manner. But I accept it and always trying my best to change.
@healwell (1268)
• Ahmedabad, India
26 Apr 07
I was getting little annoyed at time, before years when some one pointed out my shortcomings! Now it is ok to me because I learned that these are the things one has to learn to deal and remove for ever!
@pransyet (18)
• Philippines
26 Apr 07
it really pissed me off... most especially when someone im not closed to would tell what my shortcommings are! he/she doesnt know me at all.. nobody perfect ayt!
@ozzydee70 (465)
• Germany
26 Apr 07
i felt bad all the time when my husband complained, criticised or pointed out my shortcomings. it seems to me that he always looked for some mistakes that i made. its not my nature to criticise people because i'm telling myself that nobodys perfect, we all make mistakes.
@nanayangel (7839)
• Philippines
26 Apr 07
I can easily take criticisms when it comes from my family and friends but I am not good in handling those that are from people that doesn't know me at all. About pointing out my shortcomings, I may accept it if I really caused inconvenience to lots of people or have hurt their feelings badly. But if I am aware of it and gave my sincere apology, then I will feel bad if someone will keep on pointing out my shortcomings.
@uath13 (8207)
• United States
25 Apr 07
There's a diference between constructive and destructive critisicm. Both people should know the difference and use the better of the two. Constructive critisicm should be taken politely as a reminder of where you need to improve.