Children wont listen

United States
April 25, 2007 2:06pm CST
My oldest is 3 and she only listens to her daddy. I discipline her the same way, and yet she wont listen to me. She will walk away, say no, throw a fit and throw herself on the ground. My fiance only has to look at her and she listens, or his says something one time and she'll do it. My youngest listens to both of us, but I'm afraid that she will learn to not listen to me, she is close to her older sister. she copys everything she does and says. how do I teach my daughter to listen to me? :)
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@rapolu_cs (1184)
• India
27 Apr 07
Dont worry thank god she atleast listen to your hubby and to her elder sis my little one does not listen to anybody and he damp care us.No matter talk to her in a polite way and make her understand the situation what she i s doing is bad and dont be after her all the time and be patience she will be never little and she realise you one day. Good luck.
@Rickrocks8 (1751)
• United States
25 Apr 07
You really have to do what you say you will do with kids. Not sure if this is the issues or not. You seem to be a pretty with it mom. She is testing you. They all do it. Maybe you need to change how she is punished. Think of something new it tends to break the cycle. But always be consistant. Good luck they are not little for long!
@magikrose (5423)
• United States
25 Apr 07
You are not alone in this adventure. My youngest is 3 and does the same thing. Lately I have decided to have a talk with my husband and we have decided to agree on the disclipine we are going to use and we stick to it no matter what. When I am speaking to our 3r old ,y husband will back off untill I ask him for help then he will tell our daughter to listen to mommy in a stern voice. Next thing we know she is listening to me. The main thing is to be consistant with her and dont back down.