run it..

April 25, 2007 2:41pm CST
you don't know me..... am i right... ^my friends always says you always run... always.. are you crazy... you move so fast can you wait for me.^ well may be interms of my physical and mental attitude i run, i move quick and time is gold for me.. i play basketball you see how fast i am... i use my quickness o make my defense tight... i run for he ball not for the man . you go to the left i follow. you go to the right i go to the right. they say i run but dont think... but they are wrong... i can i average 5 steal in a game.... 10 pts per game... and make some rebounds... run because i want to get my energy not only for now but to maintain when im older... and the other subject at work. i run hehehehehe.. its not a joke now that im workin i can't imagine myself doing things that i never experience in my life. now my future ate here... runing for my goals running for my boss said to me.. why are you moving so fast you are so full of energy we work 8 hrs a day 6 day in a week... but u dont even give up... make some relaxation... you are to young you will run thousand miles in your your energy... i only said.... i just want to do my job not for me but for you.. so ill be greatfull when im done... thats run it....
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@abireyes (57)
• Hong Kong
26 Apr 07
wow! im speechless! hehehe.. soooo...?? what's ur pont?! joooke! hahaha.. well good thing you set to your goals! i only knew a few guys are like that, and hoping i could meet someone.. who's committed. yiiii... hahaha ahem!