Politics, they said is the dirtiest game in town.Share your views on how &why?

@chavezrmc (5766)
April 25, 2007 7:35pm CST
As we will be having our Senatorial and local elections here in the Philippines what can you suggest to us? Do you believe that even if one person is very honest then when he enter politics it can change his attitude, what do you think about this?How is election in your respective places?
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• Philippines
27 Apr 07
Seldom can an independent candidate win in elections. A candidate should belong to a party. Do you think an honest candidate supported by GMA could do anything against GMA if he wins? Somebody said "My loyalty to my party ends when my loyalty to my country begins." Naturally they have to be loyal to their party and will that ever end? It's very difficult to have honest elections especially now that GMA has the power in everything. It should have been good if GMA is a good President of the Republic of the Philippines. The fact that she grabbed the Presidency from Erap is not at all a good indication that she would do good.