have you done this thing that hurt yoursely at last?

April 25, 2007 8:03pm CST
somebody who maybe your classmates or your client ar your colleagues are confronted with some difficulties.sometimes he or she turns to you for help and sometimes he or she does not ask for your help,but anyhow you help him or her.but the result maybe,unfornately,bad.then he or she will blame you for your help,he will say if it is not your help,the thing maybe good.then how do you feel,do you feel you are hurted,and decide not to help others afterwards? this things happen to me often,sometimes I am confused,I do not know how to do when meet this thing again.
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• Philippines
26 Apr 07
There is nothing wrong in giving an advice or extending help to a friend or a colleague. He/she may have sought out to give your piece of mind on some problems he/she faces. But bear in mind that everything is just a suggestion. It is still up to him/her if he/she choses to follow you or what. As for blaming you about the effects of the help you extended, if that thing happens to ME, i'll shrug it off. I'd just say well, i didnt say that you heed my advice, so why blame me?
• China
26 Apr 07
in fact you are right,and what you said is from my mind.but sometimes I will feel angry for their repayment to my help.