Depression & Addiction or Concurrent Disorders or Dual Diagnosis

April 25, 2007 9:46pm CST
I've been learning alot lately about Dual Diagnosis or Concurrent Disorders. What this term means is that the person has a mental illness and a addiction. Unfortunately, it is very common!!!!! The brain already has problems with serotonin and dopamine and in attempt to self-medicate the bad feelings away the person takes drugs which also impact serotonin and dopamine. There are many reasons why people who have addictions don't let people know but I have found that this website is extremely useful!! It is full of information about substance abuse, information of any kind on addictions and treatment as well as information on why addicts don't let their support system know they are in trouble and what you can do as a friend or family member. I recommend this site...if you find it useful or helpful too I'm glad I could be of some help. Not that this justifies any behaviour but information is always helpful and this site has it all!! By the way there are tests on this site that you can take to see if you suffer from depression or addictions, I recommend that you take the tests with caution, don't let it replace a real diagnosis from a TRAINED professional...not all doctors are trained in this kind of diagnosis, it's best to have a psychiatrist evaluate you. Don't be afraid!! Mithrae
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26 Apr 07
As I am someone with a dual diagnosis, I can say that it is very important that the surrounding family educate themselves on what a particular relative may be experiencing. That way they know how to be supportive without rendering judgement. I'll check out the link provided, but I also agree with the previous post about rehab and therapy.. Have a good day:)