Any tips for female programmers?

April 26, 2007 12:25am CST
I mean I often get a feeling i get discriminated or the job distribution doesn't seem fair. I know it's rare actually but in my first job when I left, in a team of almost ten, there's was only 1 male. But not anymore, the company has expanded. ΓΌ. I kind'a having second thoughts about pursuing this career path. =(
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@feliniti (875)
26 Apr 07
All I can say to you is that if you want to do it, then stick with it. If you are good at it, then the right opportunities will present themselves. It might be difficult right now but that is a skill that will always have a good return. Perhaps you might have to work in a company where there are more males than females. This might not be so bad. If you do your job well then your career will work out for you. Best wishes and good luck!
@xtermie (13)
• Greece
3 May 07
Hey there...I can totally relate to that..My first job I was the only female computer programmer in a group of 20 programmers...and all senior management was also male! things are better...the years have passed...and its a higher rate of females who studies computers and computer I am in a group of 10, 7 male 3 females, but I am the its 4 to 7..thats not bad, now is it? :)
28 Apr 07
i m also working in company where ratio of female versus male is very low...still with my hard work,dedication and helping nature give me fruitful result n now i m one of the most important employee of the itz depend on u how u react things.