What is ur definition of a HOT girl?

HOT girl - a hot and sexy gal
April 26, 2007 1:05am CST
Do u think my pic is HOT? How do u decide a girl is HOT or not? By her figure or her beauty or her breast size or may be even by her living standards or her walking style or her facial expressions or something else?
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@spindia (130)
• India
24 Jul 07
there is nothing garm about this pic hot what you are seeking is expression and carrying oneself and dresing to meet that image
@tatzkie (644)
• Philippines
6 May 07
a hot girl is a girl that turns guys in heat with one single look or moment.
@lecanis (16664)
• Murfreesboro, Tennessee
6 May 07
I can't define "hot". Every time I think some certain feature isn't attractive, I come upon someone who is attractive with that feature. And vice versa. I just can't come up with a real definition that makes sense to me. I think a lot of it has to do with expressions, confidence, things like that. There was a girl I know that seemed really plain to me, and she always seemed a little rushed and antsy... and I didn't see her for a few years, and the next time I saw her she was majorly attractive, not because she actually physically changed, but because she learned to really enjoy being herself. Unfortunately she wasn't available by then, as I learned by asking her out. =p