Smoking is murder!

@Rittings (673)
April 26, 2007 3:29am CST
I have just answered a question on mylot which has got me seriously thinking about the issue... If a company were to pump out poisonous fumes and the nearby residents were to become ill or even die, would they complain and sue the company?? I'm sure that the company would become liable for the deaths of those people... So... why on earth is it they smokers are allowed to get away with doing just that? And not only that... they are all fully aware of the dangers of second hand smoke and the damage it does to others (not only themselves!!).. so surely it becomes pre-meditated murder? If you smoke, you kill others. And therefore cannot surely have an opinion on any life issues such as euthenasia etc... because you are technically cold blooded killers... but on top of that, your victims do not only die, they suffer from their horrible deaths such as cancer, or heart disease. YOU torture them first. Sick sick sickos! What do you think?
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• Pakistan
26 Apr 07
Well, you are right in the sense that passive smoking can be really harmful if you take a look at it with the example that you've given about the company. However, since it's something very small and minor, so, most people dont tend to realise the catastrophic damage it causes overall. However, this is something that people will not realise, no matter how much we try to bring it to the public's attention. Let's hope things get better! :)
@Rittings (673)
19 Jun 07
Then maybe we should start a campaign!! Let's face it, if your local factories were ever to send poisonous gasses into the air which increased the risk of cancer.. bet they would get there backsides sued!! It's neglegence.. simple as!