Peter S. Beagle creator of Last Unicorn is broke. Here's how to help.

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April 26, 2007 8:33am CST Check out that website. Peter has really gotten jipped on royalties all his life and is now struggling to get by. There are some great ways to help on this web site, including buying the 25th aniversary edition from them where Peter will get at least half. If you bought it anywhere else he will see exactly $0 of it. I bought it when it came out and then found out about this. I just ordered another copy through Conlan Press. Heck that movie makes a great gift!
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27 Apr 07
I've been hearing a lot about this situation, and it really is criminal. Peter apparently had a fairly crooked and/or inept agent when he first started out, and he got shafted. He never got anything more than his small advance from the novel "The Last Unicorn" and though he was promised money, he never saw anything at all from the animated film (even though he wrote the screenplay). In fact, Peter also wrote the original screenplay (and many additional drafts) for the Ralph Bakshi animated version of "The Lord of the Rings." The company that owns the rights to that one got a massive amount of money from Peter Jackson (who credits that movie with making him fall in love with Tolkien) and yet they still claim that they can't afford to pay Peter anything. I understand that they finally started talks that may lead to some financial compensation, but I don't know the details. Still, that's bound to take a long time, and Peter's mother passed away last year, so he's dealing with that emotional and financial burden right now as well. I strongly urge anyone who loves this man's work to buy some books and DVDs from the Conlan press link above. You can get the whole story, and Peter does get a big chunk of everything they sell. I'm heading there to buy a copy of the DVD too! (Wow... this sounds so commercial. Just so you know, I'm not a shill, just a big fan of Peter S. Beagle and his work. And more than that, I just hate seeing good people ripped off like he has been.)