what is the advantage and disadvantage of LCD monitor?

April 26, 2007 8:55am CST
im going to buy a monitor and im a little bit confuse as to what will i choose, is it LCD monitor? i really want this to buy but i heard from a friend that this has short life span compare to CRT monitor? is it true? and also is the LCD monitor consume more power than CRT monitor? pls help
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• India
3 May 07
I use LCD monitor.It will not make me to use a spectacle.The low radiation with enough colors is good for me.It is compatible low space and power consuming.
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• India
9 May 07
Advantage is that it's less power consuming and occupies less space Dis-advantage is that clarity and colors is low.
@suryaxxx (221)
• Indonesia
4 May 07
i think LCD has no disadvantage, but it's more expensive then CRT monitor.. maybe only that the disadvantage for who want to build a cheap system.
@adijam265 (769)
• India
27 Apr 07
there is a very big difference between a crt and a lcd monitor, crt monitors are bulkier and difficult to carry and importantly "CRT MONITORS CONSUME MORE POWER" there are both advantages and disadvantages of both, LCD's have slightly better viewing quality , if u want more resolution the mosst modern crt's are very flexible but lcd's dont give u this option, on the other hand LCD's consume less power and are more soft on the eyes, lcd's are more costlier than crt's also in lcd's u have to look through a particular angle to get the correct view of the screen where as in crt's u can see a correct picture through almost any angle, but i suggest u a lcd monitor with tft technology if in your budget, i say this because u look straight at a computer thereby eliminating the eye angle disad